For all the lost dreams 

For most of us childhood is a happy innocent place to be in. And why shouldn’t it be?? Isn’t it the best time of our lives? Having no worries, being treated with love, happiness is all what we know in those days. Yeah we do get sad, angry and cry but those things don’t matter as much as those happy moments. Because all we remember when we grow up are those impressions of happiness that our parents fought so hard to give us.

That’s what most of our childhood look like.

Someone’s better someone’s a bit worse. But how far does this perseption actually go?? There are countless cases of child abuse and child labour every year!! Then where are these children ?? Aren’t they amongst us, just like you and me trying to live their lives? Have You ever noticed someone closely have you ever thought of one of your friend as being a victim of abuse. Mostly no! that’s what crime reporting serials are for but we never consider that possible in reality around us.

We never notice the most silent guy in our class who may or may not be a victim maybe just a depressed kid. Even the most popular people are sumtimes depressed and seeking companionship Is their way of coping up.

Every life has a new story. Child abuse is not always physical most of the cases are psychological.

Have you ever thought why people becomes depressed ? In most of the cases depression occurs significantly because of some childhood abuse or insecurities which never got erased and are so much a part of us that we can’t differentiate them with our feelings.
Why I started this topic?

Because of a simple story. A story of my friend who was not so lucky with his childhood.

After listening to his story I finally realised that how lucky I am to actually have such a normal childhood. It’s cliche isn’t it? To realise something that actually has been in front of you the whole time after listening to one bad story. That’s not just me that’s human nature. We never really appreciate something we already have till someone points it out to us. That’s how we are always trying to gain more things, never being thankful for what we already have. But

Is it just one story ?

Aren’t there hundreds and thousands and even millions of children living a bad childhood right now.

Some are them are  victims of war who have been displaced from their homes

some lost their parents due to those wars

some have been orphaned because of blasts

some are victims of domestic abuse

some due to bad parenting,

 some are bullied,

 some have lost their way to drugs and alcohol,

some are a part of trafficking,

some are forced to work to earn a living,

some are aborted before they are born, some raped and scarred for life,

some affected by peer pressure,

some have started hanging around in bad company, some depressed,

Aren’t these children a victim in one way or another??

We hear these cases everyday through media but it doesn’t really affects us because it’s far away untangible so it feels unreal and most of us are too busy to bother with anything that doesn’t affect us.

We never even feel sorry unless it becomes personal till then they are just facts which play every day . But when it gets personal it becomes all too real and scary.

I remember a case that I read about a girl that often wore dresses made of potato sacks, for which the local children made fun of her. She was molested by her cousin, uncle, and a family friend, starting when she was nine years old. This was the case of Oprah Winfrey,North America’s first and only multi-billionaire black person. This is just a common case I read about years ago but for some reason it got stuck in my mind.

Maybe because I am a huge fan of her or she is someone I never thought could be a victim in her childhood . It reminded me that at the end we all are humans and it can happen to just about anyone. The very next person could be someone who have been tormented for years but never got the justice or maybe still be a victim of abuse that have crushed their soul  and don’t really understand what’s​ wrong with them.

What I am trying is not make anybody uncomfortable or guilty for being born in a safe environment or having all those privileges that those kids don’t have and still don’t have and may never have. Their lives start and end the same way unnoticed by everyone. It’s scary to have no meaning of your life to be just unimportant like not existing.

What all I am trying to say is to be kind. Kind to that kid who asks for food, to those who do the hard labour, those blind or deaf kid who have difficulty understanding this world be kind and support. Support just one of them. Maybe it’s not so big for you but it means the world to them.

We often hear people say we can’t choose our colour well for them they can’t choose their lives. Their lives have been destined for them even before their world. For them freedom and freewill never exists.

But for us kindness is an option, being helpful is an option, being sensitive is an option.
There is a place brighter than tomorrow in your heart there are ways to get there and heal the world and make it a better world for me and you and the human race .(lyrics by Michael Jackson: heal the world song)

This blog is inspired and dedicated to a special friend who I think deserves all the happiness in the world and more. He reminds me of a child lost in this world. Be happy , because every being deserves it.


7 thoughts on “For all the lost dreams 

    1. Ditto it’s sumthing that we never pay attention to and we can’t even say it’s sumthing that just our government is responsible for it’s an issue everywhere in this world but no serious concern on the solution


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