Colourless World 

The smell of rain reminds me of fresh beginnings 

Every flower blossoms bright and cheerful

The seed grow up and up 

Away from its home

Reaching the sky

Trying to catch the sun

The sun shining brighter and brighter

So bright and so beautiful 
The sunshine fall on me 

Taking away the darkness of the moon

Keeping my fears at bay

But there comes the sunset and the fears

Darkness reminds me of all the things that could go wrong

The moon is out 

The wolves howling in joy 

The predators out in the night 

The nature sat silent and quiet

Listening and watching 

Waiting for its prey 

It reaches out 

Surrounds you till you can’t see can’t breathe 

It takes you away In a place far away 

The sun shines again 

But something is different 

What happened last night?

Isn’t it always the question

No one dare speaks

The darkness howles far away 

Once again overjoyed

Not even the rain can erase the past 

It washes away the cries

Leaving a colourless world behind

Once again to be robbed at night.


Will you ever be mine ?

The moon shining bright in the sky 
The sound of thunder send chills to my bones 

I lay awake at night 

Thinking what is it that makes me miss you more ?

Is it your love or is it me a hopeless romantic ?

Why is it so difficult to understand​ you ?

Why can’t I just be with you ?

Will it never change ?
I imagine the day you will come to see me 

I could be old and grey 

Waiting for u in my hopeless romantic way

I will remember the day u went away 

It all still in my mind 

Keeping me awake at nights 

Thinking and thinking

will you ever be mine ?


AAre you one?

From birth to death we always hear people say what is right and what is wrong but do they know what they are talking about?

Isn’t it the same thing they heard from someone else ?

But do those people know what they are talking about?

Does anyone know what is right or wrong?

Can’t it be right for someone and wrong for someone else?

But who are we to judge?

Who are we tell them that they are not good enough ?

Are you good enough?

Maybe you are for someone but are you perfect for everyone?

Can you gurantee what you are saying is the truth?

Did you saw it yourself? What if what you saw is only half of what is true?

Did you hear it yourself? But what if what you heard is not what someone meant or is only the half story?

Did you ever asked yourself what you know is the complete truth?

Did you ever thought what would happen if you didn’t know the truth?

So many what if’s and so many questions.

But the biggest question- Who is a perfect being?

My only answer is EVERYONE.